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Shortcuts are an illusion; there are no quick roads to victory or success. What’s most important is to believe in your dreams, focus on the task at hand, and keep on trying every step of the way.
The same goes for physical conditioning. No dietary supplements are perfect, nor are superfoods the only solution. Instead, we should listen to our bodies, and improve its natural abilities day by day. That’s what makes a strong, healthy body.
Chlorella is an abundant source of nutrients including amino acids.
Let’s start with considering the composition of human body. 80 percent of human body is composed of water and protein. 20 kinds of amino acids constitute these proteins. Our body are produced depending on combinations of amino acids. However, 9 kinds among 20 kinds of amino acids are not produced in the body, so they need to be taken from daily diets.
These amino acids, which are not produced in our body, are called “essential amino acids”, and we should take them with ideal nutrient balance because nutrients such as amino acids produce proteins based on the quantity of lowest one of all contained amino acids. In short, the product efficiency of protein is reduced in align with lowest essential amino acids production capacity.
Chlorella has more high-quality proteins which have 100 points of an amino acid score than that of soy beans amino acids combined together. Chlorella is constituted with 60% of proteins. It enables us to intake all 9 essential amino acids with perfect balance. Chlorella is also rich in non-essential amino acids, so we can cover a shortage of amino acids with ideal nutrient balance, Moreover, chlorella provides not only amino acids, but also at least 59 kinds of nutrient such as vitamins including vitamin B12 which is not contained with vegetables, minerals, and so on. Therefore, chlorella has been popular around the world as natural dietary supplement familiar with name such as whole food and super food.
In short, you can have natural foods with good balance that can support your sustainable healthy diets by taking sun chlorella products.
Chlorella is one of green algae living in fresh water, and it is so small with 3 to 8 micrometers in diameter.
It was discovered in Britain in 1890. Its nutrient balance and plenty of protein gained a great deal of attention; therefore, it had been studied intensively as food resource since then.
We are supposed to have taken a plenty of food and nutrition nowadays; however, taking meals with ideal nutrient balance is very difficult, and we tend to eat what we like regardless of nutrition. Laying the groundwork for nutrition is crucial for athletes to improve performance during exercise and manage the physical condition before a game. Chlorella has been popular around the world as natural dietary supplement, which supports daily active of athletes aiming the best performance.
Sun Chlorella “A” Powder
At Sun Chlorella, chlorella is cultivated outside with full exposure to sunlight and pulverized of the outer cell wall to ensure maximum digestibility.
Sun Chlorella “A” powder has been certified by “NSF Certified for Sport®”, and “Informed Sport”, and it is recognized as the safe supplement for athletes. And now, the major professional sports leagues players in the United States have taken our product.
180g(6g×30 Packets)
/1 Box ¥9,612 tax included

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Sun Chlorella “A” Powder
Sun Chlorella “A” (Tablet)
Sun Chlorella “A” (Tablet) is easy to drink with tablet form.You can take chlorella easily without limit the situation like during exercise or meals.We made tablet with carefully selected only natural ingredients based on thoughts that we would like to provide natural products as much as possible. It is certified by Informed Choice as anti-doping certification under thorough quality control.This is a health food that supports body development of those who engage in sport.
300tablets(60g×1 Packets)
/1 Box ¥3,564 tax included
900tablets(60g×3 Packets)
/1 Box ¥9,612 tax included
1500tablets(60g×5 Packets)
/1 Box ¥15,120 tax included

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Sun Chlorella “A” (Tablet)

NSF Certified for Sport®

(Certified for Sport®)

“NSF Certified for Sport®” certifies the following things:
•Products do not contain any of approximately 270+ substances banned by major athletic organizations such as WADA.
•The contents of the supplement actually match what is printed on the label.
•There are no unsafe levels of contaminants in the tested products.
The major professional sports leagues including MLB, NHL and CFL recommend and use products certified by NSF Certified for Sport®. In addition, manufacturing plants are audited twice annually for quality and safety, and products are verified each manufacturing lot.※WADA(
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was established in 1999 with the aim of bringing consistency to anti-doping policies and regulations within sport organizations and governments across the world. This is the international organization which standardizes the policies and regulations for inspection and procedure for a sanction against a breach of doping.


Informed-choice is an anti-doping program certified by LGC Ltd. in the UK.
This certification program assures that manufacturing facilities of products and raw materials minimize the risk of contamination by WADA (The World Anti-Doping Agency) banned substances and meet the strict standards for products, raw materials and manufacturing facilities. Moreover, it assures that products are not contaminated in accordance with regularly analytical tests.

Active B12

Active B12, which keeps the blood cell and nerve normal, is a crucial nutrient for vegetarians and vegans because of the limited sources available within a vegan diet.
However, chlorella is a good resource of vitamin B12 even though it is a plant food. It is recognized that outdoor culture produces lots of vitamin B12 used in our body.